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We cover a wide array of topics that impact our current and future generations. We teach America’s youth how to thrive no matter the obstacle


In celebration of Pastor appreciation month, CL King had his first Pastors as guests on the podcast. Drs. Louis and Tina Kayatin.

Connect at: https://louiskayatinservices.com/

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In this interview we walk through the heart wrenching journey with Neicee Jordan as she discusses the details of her book and how she had to overcome and ultimately forgive those who took advantage of her as a little girl. Connect with Neicee and request your copy at:




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September 18, 2021

Interview with Amanda Acker

In this interview we hear the amazing turnaround story of Amanda Acker!


Coming from a past of drug abuse, homelessness, and being a convicted felon, Amanda has broken through and was able to let the good things into her life. Amanda is now on a mission to inspire and motivate people just like you. People who have had a difficult past and haven’t yet realized that they are stronger than they think and can have the life they want and deserve. Amanda wants to help you rise above the labels of society and burst through the ceilings that you have put on top of yourself. Amanda’s core message is that our past doesn't define us and that we are way stronger than we think.

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September 16, 2021

Interview with Hope Reger

Hope Reger lives in Delaware, Ohio with her husband Mike, She has two sons Brian, 31 and Justin, forever 19 and two amazing grand-daughters, Haylynn and Addi. Hope's "day job" is a talent coordinator with a major financial institution for the past 25 years. Hope believes her purpose in life was given to her after the traumatic loss of her son to murder. That purpose is to provide positivity, inspiration, and hope to others through her Grief 2 Hope program she created in honor of her son. Grief 2 Hope is a virtual peer grief support group that allows grievers a safe space to be their authentic self with support of others who understand and know exactly what they are going through. One of Hope's quotes she likes to ends each session with is " Grief changes your entire world, it can also inspire you to change the world".

Contact Hope at:

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September 8, 2021

What If Benefit Concert

Tonight we discuss the detail of the "What If" Benefit concert to help Jazlyn McRavin get a much needed kidney transplant. to get your tickets call:



Craven Arts Counts & Gallery Bank of Arts

September 25, 2021 6-9pm

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September 2, 2021

Interview with Steve Werner

Do you want leverage your story selling to reach your ideal client from stage?

6 years ago Steve left his corporate job to change lives through live events and public speaking.

Since then he has:

  • Held 63 sold-out events for himself and clients
  • Built more than 138 different presentations
  • Spoken on more than 200 live and virtual stages including Harvard’s business summit on marketing, influence, and conversion.

He focuses on helping coaches, influencers, and small business owners scale using story selling webinars, one to many sales presentations, and live events.

*CONNECT NOW* www.steve.how

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